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The portfolio of a self taught programmer.

Moving forward

Well I had a opportunity to program a game server for a small start up. It was a simple prototype to prove that the concept could work. It was great working full time being home with my family. We got it done a couple week late but it was done. It WORKED and it worked good after a few stability issues got ironed out. For whatever reason the people funding the project felt that they didn’t want to move forward with the current development team so the project died out for me. It is still in development somewhere else I hear so maybe we will still see it in the future.

I have started working as a crane operator again and have been keeping my eyes open for new opportunities. I have put in a few applications and have strong hope for a couple of them.

I have also come up with a new project to work on in my own free time now. It is still in early planning so i don’t have a lot to say about it yet. I have listed it under my current projects though and hope to have more info up soon.


Eric R

SWTOR, work, and programming.

Well SWTOR has been out what a month now? It’s been a fun ride. My Juggernaut is level 50 and in full champion pvp gear. I have had a lot of fun and met some new friends in the process. With engaging quest system of SWTOR I hope to have a long run with this game. Here is a look at my Juggernaut
Ulfrick level 50 Sith Juggernaut

In a week I go back to work. Since I didn’t get the job I am back to traveling, this time western Arizona. I hope to really put some money away so I can make some moves towards making my own future in software development, like going back to school sooner then later. I need to keep myself motivated and on the right track. But for now its back to the grind of the crane operator.

My game is another story. I have not worked on it due to SWTOR and a lack of motivation (which shouldn’t be a issue if I really want to change my life right?). Now I am back to it and hoping to get some major progress. I have really noticed with this project that my lack of school in math and problem solving has really hindered me in my development speed. I spend a lot more time thinking about something then working on the problem then I probably should. It causes me to lose motivation because there is no progress. Let’s hope I don’t let that happen. I will also be designing my own networking system to make a couple small simple games on to show off my network skills as that is what I really want to work on in the field. Also in this time I will be working on Khan Acadamy stuff again, I really need my math skills to be improved and it can’t wait until I finally go back to school.

Well that is whats going on in a nutshell, Kinda disappointed in myself for not being more diligent on the programming/career front.

Eric R.

Life moves on.

Well I didn’t get the job with the game programming company. So I’m back to doing my own thing. Hopefully soon I can be a part of something bigger in the software industry. But for now its back to working on my own stuff, which includes a heart game for the Droid and something network based that I haven’t really worked out the details on yet but will be updating about soon. Defiantly be c++ thought for the network stuff I really want to get out of java world it feels like it is killing me.
On the gaming front its now time for Star Wars the Old Republic Online, and I am having a lot of fun being a Sith Juggernaut. Hopefully the game keeps up with the fun through end game and I have some entertainment for time to come. If I do get bored there is always MW3 and Skyrim to play so we are set there for awhile.
More to come in the future, kind of just lost my train of thought.

Eric Ranaldi.

Java is not my friend.

While working on this hearts game I have been using Java. I’m not a fan. I like my ability for scope in C/C++. It may be the IDE it may just be the language, but I feel like I have no control over my variables and I’m forced to do it in a manner that works for someone else’s desires. I mean its not the end of the world to do it like this. And I love having the knowlege of the language and the ability to be able to get profficent with it.

Tonight it is just frustrating the hell out of me, and I just want to throw my keyboard out the window. Working with objects is a pain and the fact I have to create enums in there own file AND I can’t just use them like a integer, instead I have to make some wierd ass function/constructor setup (similiar to ordianl) to be able to assign my values so things start looking funky is used in code and that just looks bad and gets clunky for anything of size. I have found a way around the enum issue but it is still annoying.

Maybe I am just tired and I dont see something obvious in my face. Maybe I should sleep. But I keep getting random null point exceptions at compelty random spots in my code tonight while I try to change from a linear blocking system to the game to a dynamic non blocking system for the game to function in. IE. the game “server” can accept messages from any player and process them as needed.

I have decided I need to sleep so I shall do that.

Site redesign and update.

Spent a lot of time today updating the site with a new theme and adding more content to it that I had not added before. Work with hearts has been coming along necely. I am at a stage now where it starts to get fun, a lot less of the boring part of the development and into the more fun stuff (soon network code hopefully).

Its been a long time since I updated my blog and I plan to keep it more udpated in the future. Been having a lot of fun working on hearts recently. My cousin turned me on to a smaller font size and it has made a huge diffrence in my IDE editors. Im glad I tried it out even though I am the type that ussally goes bigger with fonts, the conselas font works well in the smaller format.

More to come from the world of a self taught programmer in the near future.