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Happy Easter Sunday (whatever it means to you)

Well it is Easter today and that means very little time at the computer today. It means something different to everyone and I try to keep it in perspective when I wish all of you a Happy Easter! If your Easter is spent celebrating for religous reasons , or for the candy and the fun of Easter Baskets, or just for the quality time you get to spend with your family.

In any event I hope you all have a great day and get the most out of it. I know I will and it will be worth every minute of it. I remember when I use to just wish I could be on my computer anytime and never do anything with anyone else. Many years later and I know now that my family is what makes my passion for all things computers really special. If I didn’t have my family to share it with then it would be really boring.

farewell until this day is over!

E Ranaldi

No code but cool discovery.

So I didn’t really get any code done last night. Which leads me into my cool discovery last night. I was browsing the forums on lat night and read a post where someone linked Stanford Engineering Everywhere. So I talked to my cousin about it and he told me that MIT was doing something simliar so I had to check that out as well. So after checking out both sites I began to watch some of the online lectures and was really surprised. Even if it is just the introductory classes in the CS departments it really is useful to someone like me who has been programming a long time but did it all self-taught. It starts to give you that perspective of a engineer that is hard to teach yourself by just reading books and coding your own random projects.

So along with working on my game and doing the math videos/exercices at Khan acadmey I will now be following these lectures and probably joining the study groups they offer. Hopefully it all works out and helps me with my ultimate goal of getting into the game programming field. I do want to clarify this does not replace a degree and I know this. However with someone in my situation who works 7 12s for my real job and is trying to find a way to work on this dream myself, this puts me one step closer to the goal of getting some kind of 40-60 hour a week programming job where im not traveling all over the US. And at that point I can go to a actual college around my house and get my CS degree and have the piece of paper.

I do recommend to anyone who is trying to teach themselves all they can to be a software engineer and make a real career out of this to check out the two links at the top of this blog as well if you need any help with math, Kan Academy is a GREAT resource for math. Especially with the way the site has been redisgiend and has excercies to test you and a whole achievement system to give you that “game” feeling that we all love.

Well my time is up, the kids are waking up time to go start the day.

E Ranaldi

Got some code done and some ideas on blogging for inspiration…

Time: 1am

Music on Pandora: Oceanic by Tranquility Base.

Well I did some work on my game tonight. I feel I took my time and thought it through and did it a lot cleaner and smarter tonight. Trying to think more on readiablity and program flow rather then just banging it out until it works …

Tonight I worked on some of the stuff my team and I talked about changing in a code review (should have been done a long time ago but I have been lazy). I also worked on some more of the GameState to handled the players being able to choose there card and have the game calculate it. I also did a lot of code rewriting to make it more readable , and more importantly I rewrote the code to use the same data for consistensty checks. I tend to have a problem with creating new ways to check things and I end up with redundent check methods that could potentinally lead to MAJOR problems and unpatronized code that could be hard to trace down because it looks like it should work.

I’m going to try and blog more about what I am doing to see if it helps me get more done and maybe if it helps me be more productive. Nobody reads this blog anyway though so it doesn’t matter if I look like a idiot here haha. Well it is time for bed for me 1am and I have a early alarm clock with my kids .

good night for now

E Ranaldi

All moved in.

Well we just got all moved in, and what I mean by that is I just setup my command center in my house for the first time since I moved here 2 months ago. I have been traveling so much its nice to finnally get a minute at home to relax and be with my family. It has also given me the chance to clear my head and get back to my computer and programming. Right now I am working on a game for the android phone that will hopefully be released in the near future.

I have lost a lot of focus recently and need to get it back. So here we go again I’m heading forward with my project. I know a lot of people dont like it but I finnally found a black background IDE layout that works good for me and Im loving it.

Well back to work

Eric Ranaldi

Time moves on.

Didn’t realize how out of practice I am. My new game for the droid has been a great experience for me, the kind of experience I needed to move forward. All things considered I am doing pretty good , working a lot of night shift , some code problems, but over all good. Also Starcraft 2 has released and it is awesome, I can’t get enough of that game. Well time to get ready for work.

E Ranaldi